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SW marketing & Consulting was established in 2017 as a local agency in the Las Vegas Market specializing in client development within the Hispanic market segment through data analysis, strategic planning and execution, creating cross-cultural promotions, target profiling and media planning and buying. This includes traditional media services (TV, Radio, Outdoor & Print) and digital media (SEO, SEM, Display Advertising, YouTube, Social Media & OTT).  Since SW’s establishment, there have been 10+ number of well taken care of clients throughout the greater Las Vegas area, including now, markets in El Centro/Yuma, California and Reno, Nevada. With taking on these brand-new markets we at SW have had the opportunity to diversify our day-to-day operations even more through multi-media resources.

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Jessica Jordan Tabares

About Jessica

Jessica, graduating from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing, being fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, has paved ways through her career in the Marketing field. In addition, having over a decade of knowledge in Marketing and Sales, guided her start-up of SW Marketing and its foundation. Possessing experience ranging from Entravision Communications, strengthen her broadcast knowledge, to Robertson + Partners hands on marketing tactics has fueled the fire behind the success of SW Marketing.


Her various points of expertise working with Robertson + Partners ranges from trans-creation and translation services focused on the Hispanic Market. Specializing in this important local market came through networking, analysis, strategic planning/execution, creating cross-cultural promotions, target profiling, media planning and media buying. In 2013, she was awarded best local Hispanic marketing campaign in the U.S. by McDonald's Corporation, a prestigious national award and nearly impossible to accomplish.


In addition, after her success in the Hispanic consumer market she became involved with the Asian consumer market and African American consumer market to develop strategic plans to connect the McDonald's brand with the Las Vegas community. Aside from partnering with McDonald's during her tenure at Robertson + Partners, she is still actively involved with the Las Vegas Community through the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce and has developed strong relationships within the Hispanic community. Her efforts in servicing the multicultural markets across Las Vegas has brought upon tremendous opportunity for SW, now bringing the adventure of working with markets nearby, such as, El Centro/Yuma, California and Reno, Nevada. Jessica brings experience, knowledge, wisdom and leadership to a team that seeks cultural diversity.

President / CEO SW Marketing and Consulting

Meet the Team

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Jessica Tabares

CEO / President

SW Marketing & Consulting

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Simon Lopez

Vice President of Production 


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Jose Tabares


Marketing Director

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Benjamin Schneeman

Account Coordinator

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Kimberly Poniente

Head of Social Media Marketing

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Jessie Poniente

Web & Graphics Designer

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MJ Rosario



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Marketing Princess

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Elizabeth Escalante

Assistant Producer

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Yev Zakharkin



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Danny Harris

Audio Engineer

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Ella Luciano

Junior Social Media Manager